How to Resell Your Prom Dresses

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Published: 25th October 2012
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Resell the prom dresses you donít need anymore! It is a good idea for you to recycle your money and deal with the waste goods. But how to? This article will give you advice.

Trends come and go, girls always complain that they donít have dresses for a prom night when confront various clothes in the wardrobes. The situation often goes like this: you are invited to a party, so you elaborately prepare for the unforgettable night. The prom dress may costs you an arm and a leg. Then you have your hair, nails and makeup done and present at the occasion with your best appearance. But after that party, your dress will be stored in your closet and you can hardly remember you have such a dress in the following days. When another party comes, you become entangled with your dress again. When you find those old dresses stowed away at the bottom of chest, then the tragedy continues, you find you donít like those suits anymore, then you exhaust your pocket to buy another new dress, the situation falls into a vicious cycle. Actually, you shouldnít be annoy with those problems. As a smart girl, you may learn little about how to run your own business, resell your prom dresses after you donít need them and make money for other events, so you can be stylish, modern and out of financial problems all the time. Whatís more, your items may be very useful to others, so you could achieve a win-win result. But how to resell your prom dresses? Here goes with my advice.
1) Consignment Stores and Second Hand Stores
When we mention about resell your products, the first thing come into your mind may be consignment stores and second hand stores. Yeah, both of them are professional second hand products mediums. With credible trading model, you handle the items rapidly. But the problem is that the recycle price may not be quite reasonable. You know, those stores want to earn money, so they may always undercut your bids.
2) Campus Reseller Platform
Are you still a student in the campus? If so ,good luck , you have advantages over the reselling issues. You know, those girls in the campus attend the prom party more frequently than others. So if you want to resell your used prom dresses, post up your advertisement in the campus notice board. Others will notice your information easily. What you need is print several copies of advertisement. On the paper, you had better describe your dresses in detail. Photos and your contact information should be attached so if others are interested in your items, they can get in touch with you at the first time.
3) Facebook and Twitter
As is known to all that facebook and twitter are two huge social website, on the network , you can not only make friends but also run your own business. You can update your latest status with a piece of reselling advertisement. Then invite your friends to retwitter or expand your status so more people can see this piece of news. If someone is interested in your items, they can get in touch with you through the network.
All listed above may be quite useful for you if you are going to resell your dress. Good luck.

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